Perfectly Centered

and completely out there


Kara Ortiz Voiceover

My voice...

…is trustworthy, upscale and ✨sparkles✨ around the edges

…makes complicated things sound doable

…makes simple things sound luxurious

My voice is one of those rare ones you actually believe. It’s soothing and loving when need be, and authoritarian or sarcastic if that’s required… though it always cuts through the soundscape with it’s centered charm.

My wheelhouse is intelligent, encouraging, and sophisticated. My fortes are commercials and corporate videos as well as IVR (Interactive Voice Response – “press 1 for this, 2 for that”) and promos for film and television.

Many of my clients (partial list below) have relied on me to be the voice of their brand for many years. I’d love to develop that relationship with other growing companies and production houses, as I can have a quick turnaround and work directly with clients.

what we do


Commercials are made to air on any broadcast medium, including television, radio, cable, and streaming services. Internet sometimes falls into this category as well, depending upon its purpose.​


Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and tones input via keypad. “Press one for this, two for that”

These videos train, inform, promote a product or service, or perform a public relations function. They could even be supplied free of charge to customers as a premium for consumers of a product. Other videos are used at live events or are used on company’s websites in order to introduce the company (be it their products, services, or philosophy) to the public or in a B2B setting. This category also includes store and phone casting (“robocalls”).

These are (you guessed it!) the recordings of audiobooks. My specialty is nonfiction, particularly business, health, and self improvement. I’m also a fan of voicing more esoteric fare.

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