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Corporate Explainer Demo Videos:

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These typically short (2-7 minute) videos can be used almost anywhere you want: online, in museums, at checkout in-stores or at gas stations, at your live event to introduce speakers or products… you name it! *

I can work on your video project in one of several ways:

  • I can record at a Los Angeles studio of your choice. You pay the studio directly for time, engineering and file management. You can also negotiate with them about who edits the files; most offer that service, others will send the raw files directly to you. With this option, you are able to direct in person or remotely via ISDN or Source Connect. If needed, I have contacts at several studios and can recommend them if needed.

Alternatively, I have all of the requirements to record these in my pro studio and can work one of two ways:

  • I can work solo (self direct). You will receive 2-3 takes of the script. I send multiples to make sure you have everything you need. We can also discuss my rates for editing your project, or I can send you all of the raw files. I can typically have your files to you within 3 business days of script approval. 
  • We can set up a phone patch or Source Connect at you and/or your client’s convenience, so that you/they can direct my session from my pro home studio. Most sessions are around 1-2 hours, depending on length of script. Please note that my studio is not typical broadcast quality, though works excellently for online, store casting, and other similar modes of transport. This service is an additional $150 per hour or portion thereof, and ALL raw unedited files will be delivered. Please note that I cannot keep track of which ones you are interested in while I am recording, nor I do not edit the files from our session.

Any subsequent re-take sessions will incur an extra session fee as well as $150 per hour or portion thereof studio fee 

* The videos we work on together CANNOT, however, be used in any sort of broadcast medium (television, cable, or any of the streaming services). If you’d like me to voice your broadcast (cable, steaming, etc.) video, please contact my agent Julie at DDO Artists Agency and she can walk you through working with me on that. She can be reached at 323.462.8000 ext. 108.

Please let me know if you have any questions via the contact form on the main page.

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