Sorry About Wait - informal, playful

Dental Office for Children - conversational, reassuring

Dental Office for Adults – cheeky, storytelling

Hotel/Spa – soothing, deliberate

Primary IVR Menu – standard, slight southern accent

Forms to Fill Out via Interactive Phone Tree Prompts – encouraging, instructing, neutral accent

For some examples of IVR that I’ve voiced, please feel free to call

Big Commerce

I’m one of those oddballs that LOVES to voice Interactive Voice Response systems, the technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and tones input via keypad. “Press or say one for this, two for that”

Let’s make these messages engaging and keep your customers on the line while they hold for you or wait to leave a message!

My current rates* are:

  • $400 base session fee
  • plus $20 per prompt for the first 25 prompts
  • plus $15 per prompt for prompts 26-100
  • plus $10 per prompt for prompts 101+


  • 10 prompts $600
  • 25 prompts $900
  • 45 prompts $1200
  • 100 prompts $2025
  • 125 prompts $2275

Prompts are 50 words or 3-4 short sentences, give or take. If they’re longer, we’ll need to chat about them.

For this rate, you will receive:

  • Individual edited and mastered files in a format of your choosing
  • Most people choose mp3 or wav files, though some systems require specific parameters. Let’s make sure to verify this before we start
  • This rate does not include music, sfx or any use in broadcast
  • Any changes within 3 days of delivery will incur an extra half-session fee plus the per prompt charge of $20
  • Any changes 3 days or more after delivery will be charged the original price of base session plus number of prompts actually changed

My optional “numbers and basics” package, which includes all of the numbers 1-100 in a selection of vocal tones as well as verbal “thousand, million” and many other common IVR prompts (press…, thank you… please…, for… etc.) can be bought for a flat fee, which could save you hundreds. This gives your business a head start at building an entire IVR system. Contact me on the main page for details.

* I am available for future voice work for phone clients at current rates for 1 year from first date of service even if the rates increase.