Woo hoo! You did it.

I’m super excited to have a coffee date with you. Well, I actually drink tea, and you’re welcome to bring your beverage of choice when we meet. (Bonus points if you can introduce me to a good scotch)

What happens now is I take a gander at your answers to the questions so I can get to know you and do some homework on and for you.

Within a week or so I’ll email you a couple of possible times to “meet” over the phone.

You email me back with your time choice (or let me know that none of the offered times work for you) and I’ll call you at that time. If you need to cancel, please email in your request 24 hours before our call. You’ll want to have a quiet space to chat and your questions ready because an hour goes by very quickly.

I’m looking forward to our coffee date.

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