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Many people will tell you it’s hard – or even impossible! – to “break into” voiceover. I don’t believe that. I maintain that there’s not a lot of competition, just a lot of people.

I love helping VO artists thrive and can certainly help guide you though some of the various aspects of voiceover, though this is not intended to be a long-term commitment for you. We can chat once or twice and then you go out and prosper!

Unfortunately my schedule no longer allows for me to trade lunch or coffee for my guidance. But we can certainly have a phone chat “coffee date” where you can ask me anything and everything you want about how to accelerate your VO progress. I’ve been in this business for almost two decades and have a great deal of insight that can help you move forward faster.

A typical coffee date with me lasts up to an hour and is $95, pre-payable through the PayPal button below.  I’m typically available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Pacific Standard Time, though will let you know if I have other options available.

I do need some information from you to get started, so please fill out the form below – especially your name and phone number and any pertinent info you want me to have prior to our call so that I can help you best. After you ALSO pay via the PayPal button below, I’ll read your info and email you with some time options of when we can chat. I try to be as expeditious as possible, though please understand that sometimes my timeslots are booked out a couple of weeks. You then let me know which timeslot you’ve picked and we’ll consider it a confirmed time. I’ll call you at that time and we’ll have an hour to chat. An hour flies by, so please be prepared with any specific questions you may have. These calls are not recorded, so be prepared to take notes if you’d like.

Please note that cancellations or changes must be made 24 hours or more before our start time. Otherwise, payment is forfeited.

Step 1: Information

Step 2: Payment

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